Monday, May 3, 2010

Theft in town

i've known gordon for years. this is bull----! what's going on around here? it's time that we demand some answers. this isn't business as usual. when i became a victim of of break-in i became a statistic, like a lot of other people. i also seemed to end up in a loop of notifications of other bread-ins and thefts. some will say that we don't have an uptick in crime here in town. what about crimes against property? i certainly believe that it's getting out of control and perhaps we're getting a rep in the criminal world as an easy mark. that would not be good. in addition to paying attention to what's going on in your neighborhood, demand answers from our city council. we're in a budget crunch. what's that going to do to our police and fire departments?

jim wagner 

Honorable Mayor Digre,

I am sorry it has taken this time to get back to you regarding the promised Economic Demographics for the city.  As a sideline to, and in combination of my Commercial Real Estate Business, I have a construction business and have been a licensed contractor since 1983.  I was planning to do the demographics in my office today however; I have been sidetracked dealing with another problem at this time. My truck, trailer, and Bobcat tractor were stolen from the front of my house  in Pacifica, early Sunday morning. It is very unusual for it them to be in front of the house and more unusual for someone to drive on **** that would steal it.    My construction business has taken an extreme hit with this loss as an estimated $60,000 in tools and equipment were taken. As we all know these are tough times and it seems to be especially hard on small business owners.  Please Mayor Digre, speak to the Police Chief about what is needed to stop this.


Gordon Robertson, CCIM


Financial Guru said...

It does not take Jim Cramer or Susie Orman to tell you the City Council cut the Police and Fire budgets to the bone. Both are understaffed.

While our trusted leaders cut police and fire they built trails and the imfamous bio-diesel plant. Not to mention countless money spent on outside law firms on lawsuits vs ex city employees.

Anonymous said...

Wait until neighborhoods start "gunning up". Then we will have issues. Vigilante is not something I want to see running roughshod in my town. Time for us to take a close look at what is going on in budget-land.

wild west said...

These things didn't happen back in the wild west days. When everyone carried the trusty six shooter..

Zombie Rockaway Sue said...

The English in this post is most likely too advanced for Sue DeReatard.

Stop wasting her time.

The environment is our ecomonmy.

mike bell said...

Incumbant speak:
wah wah wah. It's all the government's fault. They ran out of money and cut off our allowance.
Let's form a committee and give more land to the GGNRA.

Anonymoose said...

I'm surprised it took this long.

The screwballs running our town have been trying to convince everyone that all we have to do is build more trails, save a few frogs and throw a bake sale and all will be well in our broken down little hovel by the sea.

The real world is catching up to us and it ain't pretty.

Dump the incumbants and force deJarnutt to either stay awake or stay home. Elect people with common sense and courage of conviction!

Anonymous said...

Remember folks, the police will be out in force making sure you're wearing your seatbelts!

governor james vreelanator said...

the police throw people out of meetings to protect me and my beautiful hair.

nothing is more important

Vreeland's comb-over said...

Quit picking on me. I do everything for those 2 boys in the back of the room.

captain pretty hair said...

let me tell you all something the cops in pacifica do one thing and one thing only:

they keep my enemies in check. i call them any time that obnoxious tod slesinger gets out of line at city council or public meetings. i will huff and puff and pout and cry and tell my buddy tossa to put the cuffs on him because he called me an a-hole!!

there is nothing more valuable in pacifica than me. this town was a shithole when i moved here and now look at it.

captain pretty hair said...

and another thing, we won't sell the old waste water treatment plant because look at those ceilings!! those are beautiful fucking ceilings!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you invest in security cameras for $500? The first line of defense against crime is deterrent. It has been statistically shown homes with security cameras and stickers are less likely to have property crime. The average response time for the police is 5-10min. In that time a burglar could ransack your house. Stop blaming others and take your own safety in your own hands.
Although not the best, I have this security camera and it has been used once already as video evidence of a crime.

Charleton Heston said...

Let's take anonymous one e step further since he/she is acknowledging that our police and administration in the city are ineffective, Let's all "gun-up". To hell with those neighborhood watch stickers, a simple sign that says "Intruders Die" posted in the neighborhood would deter most. Most who dare to step into your turf would face an angry, armed, mob. Who cares if it's the UPS man, or the census taker. Unless you live her, or have a pass, get out or die! Let's build a wall around Pacifica. Let's pass a card check ordinance. Let's form vigilante groups. Let's fire the cops. We won't need them. Let's require that all of age people in Pacifica pack a sidearm and learn how to use it. You think crime would go down!

Sharon said...

All I can say is our neighborhood was safe, just an ocassional DB dumped on Old Mori Point Road, until the land was turned over to the GGNRA. Now you can regularly find evidence of bashed in car windows. I have to make sure my visitors don't leave anything in their cars and have them park in my driveway for safety sake. Oh and don't even get me started on the charming big blue portable toilet that is now a picturesque feature at the entrance to Old Mori Point Road!

Kathy Meeh said...

Thanks Anonymous (5/4), the security web camera makes a whole lot of sense for residential or business protection, 2 years video-- that's great!

Sharon, sorry to hear about the unintended consequences of the open space where you live. Is this a GGNRA not populated area issue, or result of the recession, plus skeleton police protection from a threadbare city.

Same as your comment at the "residential crime meeting" some of us attended, the police said "don't leave anything visible in your car", easy to forget that one. Noting Pacifica Tribune police beat, some people even leave their cars unlocked.

You'd think the portable toilet could exist elsewhere, how about complaining to the GGNRA about that?

Heston, don't you think if we "gun-up" in this city we might shoot ourselves?

Steve Sinai said...

What is a "DB"? Dead Body?

Zombie Rockaway Sue said...

You need to park your valuables in front of Starbucks and/or the 7-11 (not the one getting robbed because the cops aren't out front)

Sharon said...

@Kathy "Sharon, sorry to hear about the unintended consequences of the open space where you live. Is this a GGNRA not populated area issue, or result of the recession, plus skeleton police protection from a threadbare city." and @Steve "What is a "DB"? Dead Body?"

It is a result of Mori's Point coming under the control of the GGNRA and their development of same for the frogs and snakes and advertisment of it all over hell and gone! What was once a fairly quiet neighorhood now copes with a big increase in the number of cars parked on the streets of hikers, dirt bikers etc. and the number of strangers in the area. So this is good and bad. Good for the city, hopefully some of those folks who pack in with their lunches actually spend a dime or two here but bad for our neighborhood. The only thing we haven't seen for a while is DB's (dead bodies). I don't believe any of which were killed on old MP Road but were hauled there after the deed was done. At least murderers didn't bash in the neighborhood car windows. So we went from crimes against the person to crimes against property.