Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sewage spill lawsuit filed against Pacifica by environmental group

Another money and resource draining lawsuit against the city, this time filed by one of Council's green "friends." With friends like this...

Our Children's Earth Foundation (Plaintiff) vs. The City Of Pacifica (Defendant)

This is what happens when you have a city council that takes money meant for maintaining city infrastructure, and instead uses it to build trails.

Submitted by Jeff Simons


Jeffrey W Simons said...

I should add the First Claim, part 33 (page 8 of the complaint) states:

"Pacifica has taken inadequate affirmative steps to eliminate these violations by repairing, replacing and/or upgrading its defective collection system that is the cause of these violations."

If our environment is our economy, and the city is literally dumping waste all over the environment . . . well no surprise the economy has followed suit.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ...
Jeff thank you for still think about Pacifica.
Our leaders in Pacifica council keep making mistakes by the dozens. My question to you is if Mr. Vre. works for EIP and he was the mayor at that time it happened how come he is not beeing remove from office? Maybe somebody needs to address that during court time.

Julie said...

So the sewer plant let a few gallons of waste spill into the water. It is a big Ocean.

Everyone I speak to wishes they lived in Pacifica.

Jeffrey W Simons said...


Jim Vreeland works for the EPA as a Congressional Liaison for Region 9.

Jim Vreeland (
(415) 497-4298

It is curious how he could blatantly lie about a 7.5 million gallon sewer spill and not be publicly censored by the EPA, but here is the:

Regional Directory for EPA Media and Press Contacts

Region 9 Press Line: (415) 947-8700

(I believe Wendy Chavez is his direct supervisor and she stopped returning my emails and phone calls a long time ago)

Wendy Chavez (
Office Phone: (415) 947-4248
Cell Phone: (415) 760-5422
Area of coverage: Social Media PR Contact

Bill Glenn (
Acting Communication Director
Office Phone: (415) 947-4254
Cell Phone: (415) 279-2391

Mary Simms (
Office Phone: (415) 947-4270
Cell Phone: (415) 760-5419
Area of coverage: Bay Area and Northern California

"EPA's experts in the Pacific Southwest are available for interviews to discuss important environmental issues in your community."

yeah, right.

Jeffrey W Simons said...

Here's a link to an older post and video about the sewer spill:

RWQCB Fines Pacifica $2.3 million for January 2008 Sewer Spill

A few comments down I detail how I obtained information in regards to the sewer spill, clear evidence Pete Dejarnatt and Jim Vreeland misled the public abut the nature of the beach closures following the sewer spill, and some choice passages from the RWQCB report indicting the City of Pacifica (and this sitting City Council) for their neglect and malfeasance.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Simons you just gave us a very good information about Jim Vr. If this people are not responding to you . We need to get the attention to Pacifica newspaper and print it out. And if that doesn't work we need to contact our Congressional rep in San Mateo county.

Do you that they are raising the fees? I wonder why. Very irresponsible leaders we have in this town. I am telling you they keep making mistakes by the dozens.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this group connected to Plater and his gang?

Kathy Meeh said...

Who gets to pay for wasted money on lawsuits and fines, while city infrastructure continues to be neglected and decay, and city debt continues to increase? Hint, look in the mirror.

Meantime, city council has faked its way through 8 years of promises and assurances, and has failed to delivered balanced city planning and an adequate (much less productive) city economy. "Our economy is recreation", translated to: citizens can go take a trail hike.

Possible competence solutions? Consider stopping the leak of administrative accounting money that continues to flow to the city (city business), and bring-in a PRIVATE COMPANY to manage.

And certainly replace this city council with genuine pro-economy challenger candidates.

Anonymous above I'm assuming you're referring the Plater connection to city leadership friends.

Jim Alex said...


Do you mean a private company to come in and manage the Waste Water Treatment plant???


Kathy Meeh said...

Jim, check-out the link, apparently these sewer management companies are formed as private-public partnerships. Currently the city takes fees for administrating, and well there is the ongoing questionable competence issue. Apparently these private companies do this as their only business and bring-in a high level of expertise. Fine and lawsuits for eco-violations should not be an ongoing substitute for effective sewer plant management.

Nice "election year" talk and not much planning or reality again-- sewer rates will be a shocker next year and going forward. No reserves, no apparent planning for years including collection pipes and sewer laterals need replacing to prevent ongoing fines and lawsuits (see article lawsuit link above).