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One year appointed San Francisco Supervisor steps down January 8, 2013

Sharp Park Golf hearing date is December 3, 2012.  The hearing is the result of a "start over" environmental review amendment introduced by Supervisor Christina Olague

Keep this classic golf course
San Francisco Chronicle, Heather Knight, 11/24/12.  "Supervisor Olague eager for low-key life."

"They say every cloud has a silver lining, and Supervisor Christina Olague sees some big ones in her bruising election day loss: Come January, it'll be no more City Hall, no more mayor's office and no more media criticizing her every move.

Christina Olague glad to be leaving
....  Less than a year ago, Olague was the progressive president of the Planning Commission who'd surprised some of her political allies by chairing a committee to persuade Ed Lee, a moderate, to run for a four-year term as mayor. 

....  Olague spent 2012 alternately irking her progressive base or the Lee camp. She shocked the mayor's office last month with her vote to reinstate Mirkarimi as sheriff despite his guilty plea to a misdemeanor related to bruising his wife. A few weeks later, Olague was trounced in the District Five election by the more moderate London Breed, who will be sworn in Jan. 8.

Olague described the year as akin to walking through a forest with people hiding behind trees with daggers on her left and her right."   Read article.

Fore .....
Related Fix Pacifica Articles  - ".. Keep Sharp Park, SF Sharp Park Supervisor's meeting...11/19/12..."  by Steve Sinai, 11/18/12. "Please remember, Plater's champions in SF City Hall have been "Bruiser" Ross Mirkarimi, losing SF Mayoral candidate John Avalos, and unelected Supervisor Christina Olague, who just lost her bid to keep her seat. A bunch of winners, huh?" 

Embedded the article is a link to a "Wild Equity Institute" statement:  "We think Phil Ginsburg is jamming this unrelated, indefensible project into a separate environmental review document for one reason only: he knows that standing on its own no reasonable legislator would ever condone it. Supervisor Olague agrees, and that’s why she’s introduced legislation that will order the Recreation and Park Department to segregate the golf course plan out of the Natural Areas environmental review document, so that each project can stand or fall on their own merits."  Hearing update to December 3, 2012.

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