Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Video: CHP rescues man clinging to a cliff in Pacifica

Updated 5:12 pm, Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A team of California Highway Patrol officers rescued a man who was clinging to a cliff at Mori Point Monday afternoon.

According to CHP, the man was "clinging to a sheer cliff wall" about 75 feet above the beach in Pacifica. He was trying to climb the cliff when he became stranded and couldn't move.

"He was approximately 300 feet from the top of the cliff and access to the man was extremely difficult and hazardous due to the steep terrain and no access points for a rope rescue," Sergeant James Andrews said in a statement.

To make matters worse, Sergeant Andrews said, "At the time of the rescue, there were high winds and moderate rainfall."

Read more and watch video here

Posted by Steve Sinai


The Ghost of Sir Edmund Hillary said...

When I first heard the local story about someone who was stranded and desperately "clinging to a sheer cliff wall", I immediately thought it must be the City of Pacifica's Director of Finances.

Anonymous said...

Was it somebody who posts on Fix Pacifica?

Anonymous said...

Just some NOBY moron stunt making a case to shut down trails for people outside of their cult.

CWR said...

I would've gone down there to cheer him on to accomplish what he started in climbing to the top.....''COME ON BUDDY YOU CAN DO IT''!!!!!!