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Please Join Us: Don Horsley - Guest Speaker - Pacifica Democrats Breakfast Meeting - Saturday, August 20th

On Saturday morning, August, 20, 2011, San Mateo County's 3rd District Supervisor, Don Horsley will address the Pacifica Democrats at their regular monthly breakfast meeting. The 9:30 a.m.- 11:30 a.m. meeting will be held in the banquet room of the Sharp Park Golf Course Restaurant, located at Francisco and Sharp Park Blvds, in Pacifica.

Newly elected to the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors in November of 2010, Horsley will specifically discuss what his first year's personal experiences have been as a County Supervisor, as well as informing the morning's attendees about the "State of the County", in general.
Horsley, no stranger to county governmental operations, formerly served as the elected Sheriff of San Mateo County for nearly 14 years, prior to his recent Board election.
Having started his law enforcement in the 1960's as a police officer in Daly City and Pacifica, and a juvenile counselor for the County's Probation Department, he began his career in the Sheriff's office in 1972 as a patrol deputy in East Palo Alto. He quickly rose through the ranks, spending extensive time in upgrading the training of deputy sheriffs and correctional officers. Later in his career, he was instrumental in the planning and building of a new correctional facility, which resulted in changing the way that the County Correctional system was managed. Horsley was eventually responsible for the adoption of a new management system called "direct supervision", wherein deputies and correctional officers worked in contact with detainees, which ultimately resulted in a sharp, near total, decrease in incidents of violence.
After his election in 1993 as Sheriff , Horsley organized a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement effort that helped East Palo Alto, which, at that time, had been dubbed the "murder capital of the United States", to reduce its number of homicides dramatically. The Sheriff's Office, under Horsley's leadership continued to assist the City of East Palo Alto with patrol deputies and investigators for the entire time that Horsley was in office. Throughout his law enforcement career, Horsley has enjoyed multiple accomplishments. Two, in particular, benefited San Mateo County greatly. One was the establishment of a special gang investigative unit, which identified and targeted for arrest violent gang members, which resulted in San Mateo County having the lowest homicide rate in the State, according to the District Attorney's office. And, the second was Horsley's oversight of the building of an energy efficient and technologically advanced crime lab that serves all of the law enforcement agencies in San Mateo County, as well as agencies in adjoining counties with the latest in crime detection and identification technology.
After leaving the Sheriff's office, Horsley was elected to the Sequoia Healthcare District and served as the Board President prior to his election to the County Supervisor position. In his current position, Horsley serves on numerous boards and committees, including  City/County Association of Government (C/CAG), Airport Community Roundtable, Coastal Counties Regional Association, Domestic Violence Council,  Health Plan of San Mateo (HPSM), HEART, LAFCO, Mid-coast Community Council (MCC), Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance, Redwood City 2020, and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority (TA). His San Mateo County standing committee assignments include being the Chair of the Environmental Quality Committee and a member of the San Mateo County Legislative Committee.
All members of the public are welcomed to attend Pacifica Democrats meetings. It is not necessary to be either a club member or a Democrat to attend. A full breakfast is available for $12; continental for $6; and coffee only for $3. No purchase is necessary. Doors open at 9:00 a.m. Seating is between 9:00 a.m. and  9:30 a.m. For questions and/or to RSVP, please contact Barbara Arietta, club president, at 415-246-0775 or email

Barbara Arietta
Correspondent - Pacifica Tribune

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