Saturday, March 12, 2022

City Council Special and Regular Meeting, March 14, 2022, 6 pm

NEW:  Please note,  return to In-Person City Council meetings.
The City Council meeting location is at City Council Chambers, 2212 Beach Blvd., Pacifica.  

As in past years, off-street parking is
allowed in the neighborhood, with a parking permit obtained from a rack upon entering the downstairs Chambers lobby. Place the permit on the auto dashboard, visible to law enforcement personnel.   
Alternatively as prior, this
City Council meeting may be viewed through the City website livestream , or  through local Pacific Coast Television PCT/Pacifica Channel 26 (And note, PCT also links their program calendar, and recent coastside civic meeting videos.)

Pacifica pushes forward in plan for mixed-use project at former wastewater  treatment site - The San Francisco Examiner 

For more information, including location parking (and permit), cell phone rules, written public comments, and public comment call-in instructions (offered on a pilot basis)  see pages 1 and 2 of the PDF Agenda.   

Interactive City Council Agenda, 3/14/22
      City Council Agenda, 3/14/22, PDF pages 427.
PCC 11/8/21 - Pacifica City Council Meeting - November 8, 2021 - YouTube
 Now your choice, attend City Council
in person or continue to view remotely.

Open Study Session , 6:00 p.m.
Utility pavement cut and construction/waste truck roadway impact fee studies
, report.
Waste & Construction (Heavy) Vehicle Impact Study.  b) Utility Cut Study.   Other cities:  c)  Waste Vehicle Impact Fees.  d) Heavy (Construction) Vehicles.  e  Utility Cut Fees.

Open Session, 7:00 p.m.
Administrative: call to order, roll call, reading of Land Acknowledgement (ancestral homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone peoples),  salute to the flag. 
Special Presentations, none.   
Consent Calendar

1.     Approval of financial disbursements (checks), FY 2021-2022:  a)
1/16/22 - 1/31/22.
2.     Approval of Minutes:   a)
Special and Regular City Council Meeting, 2/28/22.
3.     Proclamation continuation: a local emergency, Coastline from Westline Drive to the End of Beach Boulevard, reporta) Proclamation.
4.     Proclamation continuation:  a local emergency, Anza Pump Station,
report.  a) Ratifying Proclamation.
5.     Proclamation continuation:  a  local emergency, Novel (new) Coronavirus (COVID-19), reporta) Ratifying Resolution.
6.     Notice of Completion:  Emergency Sewer Repairs, SF RV Park.  a)
Resolution.  a) Notice of Completion.
Approval, North Pacifica Pedestrian Improvement Project,
report.  a) Contracts services: .Construction: a) DRYCO Construction, Inc.  b) Management/Master Service Agreement, 4LEAF, Inc.
8.     Approval, Final Map for 580 Crespi Drive (south of Crespi Drive and Roberts Road intersection):  subdivide the airspace of an existing parcel into 25 commercial condominiums,
report.  a) Resolution.  b) Final Map
    Adopt a Resolution approving the City's 2021 Housing Element Annual Progress Report (of the implementation of the 2015-2021 General Plan housing element.),
report.  a) Resolution.  b) 2021 Housing Element APR.  c) Final RHNA 6 Allocation for San Mateo County.
10.   Adopt an Ordinance repealing and replacing Article 4, "Sustainable food service ware and prohibited plastic products' within Chapter 5 of Title 6 of the Municipal Code to adopt new regulations regarding the use of disposable food service ware,
report.  a)  Ordinance.  b) Report, 2/28/22.
11.   Adopt an Ordinance amending sections of Titles 4 and 5 of the City Municipal Code, related to on-street parking regulations to allow participants of the Safe Parking Program to park on the street for more than 72 hours,
report.   a) Ordinance.  b) Report 2/28/22. 

 Public Hearings, 7:15 PM
12.   Redistricting
.  Public Hearing 4 to receive input regarding proposed City Council District Maps (draft), based on 2020 census data.  Affirm selection Map 505b, and introduce an updated Ordinance, amending Title 2, Chapter 9 of the City Municipal Code,
report/Ordinance .
   Adopt a Resolution to approve a General Plan land use designation from low density residential to v
ery low density residential, and authorize a single-family residential use at the eastern terminus of Talbot Avenue (APN-016-270-110): Construction of a 2,406 SF with two-car garage on a 24,149 SF parcel.  Planning Commission vote 1/18/22: 7-0,  report.   Continue Public Hearing to 3/28/22.
  Consideration of an Appeal of the Planning Commissions approval with conditions of Coastal Permit CDP-430-21 and Heritage Tree Removal Authorization for construction of a single-family residence on an undeveloped lot on Olympian way (APN 023-037-030); and finding the project exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (File 2021-018).
Resolution (Draft).     Planning Commission:  b) Resolution 2022-003.  c) Report 01-18-22.  d) Minutes 01-18-22e) Project Plans 2022-0110.    Other:   f) Appeal form and letter.  g) Geotechnical report, Jan. 2021.  h) Proposed revised drainage plan.  i) Geotechnical review Feb. 2022.  j) Public comments received prior to Planning Commission.

Public oral communications
(through Zoom, or telephone).

Council communications, Staff communications.  

 15.   Adopt a Resolution authorizing adjustments to the FY 2021-22 Operating and Capital Budgets.   a) 
Resolution.  FY 2021-22:  b)  City Council previously approved Budget amendments.  By Fund Summaries:  c) Revenues and transfers.  d) Expenditures and transfers.  e)  Fund balances.
  Follow-up information about Council Chambers improvements or relocation of meetings to an alternate location, such as the Community Center or Oceana High School Theater
, report.  a) PCT Memorandum 12/6/21, (additional cost to televise at the Community Center).

Other City News, with weekly updates:
Facebook/Connect with Pacifica.   Pacifica Tribune, (news on line and newspaper).    

Note graphics:  Remote City Council meeting, from
YouTube,11/8/21.  City Council Chambers, from SF Examiner, Brendan P. Bartholomew, 1/20/15,"Pacifica pushes forward in plan for mixed use project at former wastewater treatment site."
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