Friday, March 16, 2018

Candidate list for June 5 primary


County Supervisor, 2nd District (Belmont, San Mateo and Foster City)
Carole Groom*
Supervisor, 3rd District (San Carlos-Menlo Park and the coastside)
Don Horsley*
Dan Stegink
County Controller
Juan Raigoza*
Robert Foucrault*
District Attorney
Steve Wagstaffe*
Carlos Bolanos* (appointed incumbent)
Mark D. Melville
Tax Collector-Treasurer
Sandie Arnott*
Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder
Mark Church*
John Mooney

Superintendent of Schools
Gary Waddell
Nancy Magee
Superior Court Judge
Judicial Office 1
Donald Ayoob*
Judicial Office 2
Gerald Buchwald *
Richard Wilson
Judicial Office 3
Clifford V. Cretan*
Judicial Office 4
Leland Davis III*
Judicial Office 5
Susan Etezadi*
Judicial Office 6
Robert Foiles*
Judicial Office 7
John L. “Jack” Grandsaert*
Judicial Office 8
Elizabeth Lee*
Judicial Office 9
Lisa Novak*
Judicial Office 10
V. Raymond Swope*


Assembly District 22 (central and northern San Mateo County)
Kevin Mullin, D*
Christina Laskowski
Bridget Duffy
Assembly District 24 (southern San Mateo County, northern Santa Clara County)
Marc Berman, D*
Bob Goodwyn, Libertarian
Alex Glew, R


U.S. Rep., 18th District (southern San Mateo County, northern Santa Clara County)
Anna Eshoo, D*
Michael Melillo
John Carl Fredrich
Christine Russell
Dennis R.T. Slominski
U.S. Rep., 14th District (central, northern San Mateo County, southern San Francisco)
Jackie Speier, D*
Bridget Duffy
Cristina Osmena

Posted by Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

Horsley must be crapping his pants. He’s being challenged by a giy who knows karate and, like both Sues, has very good attendance.

Stegink is a very stable genius!

Bozo the Clown said...

Hahahahaahahaa. Stebplunk! Hahahaha. Duffy! Daffy Duffy! hahahahhahaa
Pacifica's finest! Can't make this shit up!

Anonymous said...

Will Stegunk and Duffy be campaigning together?

Anonymous said...

Has Dan Stegink ever addressed the issues here?

Detective Colombo said...

Former Sheriff Horsley vs. former Johnson County inmate Stegink. Johnson County happens to be the same county in Iowa where Stegink graduated from high school in 1985.

Anonymous said...

The bullshit deepens! So stigdump is a convict. He's the new orange!

Anonymous said...

Stegink went to high school in Iowa and I believe went to college there as well. Years later, while still in Iowa, he was charged with no less than 12 different criminal offenses on three separate occasions in Johnson County Court.

On the first instance, it appears he fled from police in a vehicle and was involved in a high speed chase which ended when he crashed. He faced charges of eluding police, reckless driving, exceeding the posted speed limit by over 20 MPH, driving the wrong way on a highway, blowing through multiple stop signs/traffic lights, and failure to maintain control (the final crash). A few of these are felonies under certain circumstances, but the records are unclear as to what he was ultimately charged with and how much time (if any) was served. He definitely crossed paths with the Iowa Department of Corrections in connection with this escapade and he's listed as having being placed on probation. It's unclear if this is in lieu of time served or after time had been served.

During a second separate instance, Dan was charged with filing a false police report. I'm unsure what his sentence was in connection with this.

During a third separate instance, Stegink was charged with "interference with official acts." Although it's unclear what the nature of this is, stuff like resisting arrest or otherwise preventing police from being able to do their jobs falls under this category.

A note about criminal records: certain states (like Iowa) allow the public to view criminal records such as this. Others (like California) restrict access to law enforcement and employment background checks. Individuals can request a copy of their own criminal records though.

Would Dan be willing to share his California criminal history (if any) with us? I feel the voters have a right to know who their dealing with.

To search Iowa criminal records:

To access Iowa's Department of Corrections Offender Search:

Anonymous said...

This must surely be some other Daniel Stegink. There must be dozens of Dan Steginks in Iowa. LMAO.

Steve Sinai said...

Well Dan did flip out and threaten to kill me about a half-dozen times in the parking lot of council chambers last year.

Poor judgement by Deirdre Martin, John Keener and Sue Digre to put him on the Planning Commission. Everyone knows they did it as a reward for helping force Nihart out of the race in order to guarantee Martin a seat on council, even though they had multiple emails from people, mine included, warning them about how unstable, bullying, and dishonest Stegink was.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Evan Stegink
DOB: July 6, 1967

Quite the coincidence that Iowa Dan and Pacifica Dan share an exact name and date of birth, wouldn't you say?

By the way, public records searches are tracked internally (server-side) by social security # which are typically required by utilities upon initial connection. While the public can't see the SSN's, it's how these records are matched and strung together on the back end.

This is a long way of saying that anyone can use one of dozens of public records search engines to look up Dan's current Pacifica address and use the SSN associated with that record to pull up his entire past history.

Partially redacted SSNs are shown and those match up. The criminal record is his. There's no doubt, unless someone wants to try tell me the SSN match is yet another amazing coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Speier , with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, allowed the Awan Bros to run IT for US Congress, out of their kitchen in Pakistan. And steal intel, money from USA. She needs to be in prison.

Kathy Meeh (response to a not credible comment) said...

12:16 PM come-on, should irresponsible, factLESS conspiracy B.S. (so stated by a not accountable anonymous) be sent to "prison" (same cell block as his psychopathic leader Trump)-- or should that anonymous just be spammed (so others are not subjected to such tainted nonsense)?

The really simple web search "Awan Bros conspiracy" brings up the not even detailed headline from the investigations section of The Washington Post/Shawn Boburg, 9/16/17: "Federal probe into House technology worker Imran Awan yields intrigue, no evidence of espionage."

Chris Fogel said...


I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one who wrote to council about Dan Stegink's fitness to serve on a committee. I disagree with many of the viewpoints on Fix Pacifica, but here we agree.

When I heard that Stegink was applying to the Open Space Committee, I detailed the concerns I had about Dan's behavior, largely along the same lines as you: half-truths and lies, backed up by bullying, taunting, and intimidation. I outlined a particular instance when I had pushed back one of his "mistruths" on Next Door--he had posted a picture of a rusty handrail at the Chit Chat Cafe to back up his claim that the ocean flooded the Beach Blvd. regularly(!)--and Dan began sending me unsolicited emails to my private address, one after the other, every fifteen minutes. Childish taunts. He simply would not stop emailing me with these over and over until I figured out a way to block him from my server. Yeah, it's a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but all the same, it was bizarre and unsettling. Who the hell behaves like that?

His general online demeanor--intimidation and false information--got bad enough that a group of neighbors on Next Door started reaching out to each other and we tried to see what the administrators of the site could do about his bullying. I believe he was banned from the site for several weeks in response to our concerns.

I detailed all this and other concerns to our city council in a letter, but he was appointed to the planning commission anyway by votes from Keener, Martin and Digre. It's certainly their right to appoint whomever they want, but I was genuinely astonished. It demonstrates a colossal lack of judgment and I'm still blown away by their decision--especially in light of the fact that they were contacted by multiple people about Dan's outrageous behavior. I can't make sense of their decision except in terms that you described, Steve.

Dan Stegink has no business being on a committee, commission, or holding any elected office. San Mateo County and Pacifica can do better.

Anonymous said...

For what Stegink did to participate in forcing Mary Ann Nihart to withdraw from Council, And for what he has been doing to harass many others in the community he should suffer a very painful experience if he actually wants to run. Let his fate be that of his results in running for a position on the local Parents Teachers Association at one of our local schools.

he should be very ashamed by what he did to assist in dislocating the residents of Pacific Skie Estates. He also was a huge supporter of Measure C which just divided our community with a very bad plan that would have hurt renters and property owners in the long run.

Diedra martin, the illegitimate city council person, John Keener, and Sue Digree put him on planning for all his dealings!!!! What a bunch of Clowns who are continually screwing Pacifica!!

Steve Sinai said...

And don't forget, right after the last city council election, Stegink removed all of his bs comments from Nextdoor. Nobody else did that. I guess he didn't want to be held accountable for what he wrote.

Anonymous said...

Stegink is a menace to Pacifica. As is Deirdre Martin and Cynthia Kaufman.
Got a big laugh at Kaufman's "My Turn" article in this weeks Trib. She is lambasting the No on C people for using outside money to prevent approval of rent control and calling them an affront to Democracy.
Holy Cow!
Being lectured to by an avowed socialist and the architect of the Hatch Act shenanigans to block Mary Ann and install her puppet Deirdre, is too hypocritical for words. I wonder if the Pacifica Progressive Alliance understands that they are being used by this wacky commie or if they are all just as bad as her?

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh yes. Too bad DJ Dan Stegink is deleting his Next Door posts. Who can forget Dan's Greatest NextDoor Hits:

Rite Aid Transitioning to Walgreens Within 60 Days
(still waiting; 437 days and counting)

Chipotle Coming To Linda Mar Shopping Center
(it didn't)

Mary Ann Nihart is Breaking the Law
(she wasn't)

City Manager Tinfow Is Giving Away the Beach Blvd. Development Site to the Hotel Developer
(she didn't)

The City Hasn't Appraised the Beach Blvd. Development Site
(they had)

Underwater Library
(Dan went with info from Google Maps over three independent geotechnical reports of the site; I'm not kidding)

Pacifica Chamber of Commerce Accountant Arrested for Embezzlement
(he wasn't the Chamber's accountant)

Star Searcher said...

I find it endlessly entertaining that Stigclunk is getting all the press and our other resident whack-o is getting a pass. Maybe it's because she's running for everything. You go, girl.

Anonymous said...

Who knew that all you had to do in order to qualify for a county supervisor position was threaten to kill someone a half dozen times in the parking lot after a city council meeting?

Throw a police pursuit, drive the wrong way along a freeway for a while, file a couple of false police reports, do some jail time...ladies and gentlemen, I think we have ourselves a winner.

Dirty Dan Stegink!

Truth 2 Power said...

5/8/17 Never Forget

"I want to sort of keep with the theme of civility...I actually believe that the right wing in this town killed Jim Vreeland."
-Cynthia Kaufman

Anonymous said...

Star Searcher,

Everyone loves a loopy dreamer. An angry jerk? Not so much.

Anonymous said...

LMAO. Dan Stegink is challenging Horsley for supervisor?!




Anonymous said...

Duffy is a certified whack job. Fairly harmless and never taken seriously.
Stegink on the other hand is a sinister psycho who is capable of doing some really weird things and in my view is dangerous. There's a big difference between these two. Pacifica PD please pay close attention.

Anonymous said...


Ya got that right. Stegink is a real, no holds barred weirdo. Couple that with a hot temper and a penchant for physical threats and you’ve got big trouble. Everyone should stay far away from the guy.

Anonymous said...

The debates between Stegink and Horsley should be...interesting. Wonder if Stegink will throw down and start threatening to kill people.

Steve Sinai said...

"I disagree with many of the viewpoints on Fix Pacifica, but here we agree."

Hell, I disagree with many of the viewpoints on Fix Pacifica, but yes, Chris and I do agree on this point.

It looks like Dan has a decades-long history of being unable to control his impulses and temper, and he's never been able to overcome that.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone on council ever say why they chose Stegink over the other applicants for planning commission? Why did they reward an angry and aggressive bully who delights in attacking and criticizing women and community volunteers?

I still can’t believe it and it shows how out of touch Martin, Digre and Keenet are that they’re unaware of Dan’s behavior towards others in the community. It’s no secret, his reputation is well known. Or maybe worse...they knew but didn’t care. Really a low point in this council’s history.

Anonymous said...

When Deirdre and Kaufman sank so low to steal an election and thwart democracy, anything is possible. The fact that their supporters in Pacifica's Progressive Alliance have gone right along with it shows how corrupt things have really gotten in our town.

Anonymous said...

Steve, how many times has Stegink threatened to sue you and/or kill you over this thread so far?

Steve Sinai said...

Haven't heard from him.

Dirty Dan Stegink is a Very Stable Genius said...

Dirty Dan Stegink has a lot to answer for when it comes to voter disenfranchisement:


Dirty Dan Stegink is a very stable genius!

Dirty Dan Stegink is a Very Stable Genius! said...

I mean, Dirty Dan Stegink really really really didn't want people to be able to exercise their right to vote for Mary Ann Nihart!


Gee, I wonder what else he did to force her out of the race?

Dirty Dan Stegink is a very stable genius!

Anonymous said...

Dirty Dan Stegink is A VERY STABLE GENIUS!

Anonymous said...

Which is the more delusional move from Dan:

Running for a supervisor seat against a two-term incumbent?


Running for a supervisor seat in preparation for a city council run?

Help me out here.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's found a way to get Don Horsley disqualified? LOL

Anonymous said...

LMAO. Here’s his official campaign site:

Anonymous said...

Don't you guys know how to do "The Dirty Dan Stegink?"

1) Call up your opponents at their private places of business to "check on them". Constantly. If they're traveling to an event, call the event location to make sure they actually showed up and got there okay. Some may call this stalking, but ignore them. Call around as often as necessary until your opponent fears for their personal safety. (ask ex-council member Nihart about her personal experience with this treatment)

2) File endless complaints with the agencies. Which agencies? All of them. File complaints for anything and everything. Every "i" that isn't dotted, every t that isn't crossed. File a complaint. Soon you will have forced all your competition to withdraw on technicalities or out of fear for their lives.

3) Finally, the coup de grâce: Have Cynthia Kaufman release a statement that the whole disqualification thing is oh-so-unfortunate, but she simply doesn't know anything about it and by the way she's just writing about the subject for shits n' giggles. Total coincidence.

Anonymous said...

I have $10,000 on Dan on the rematch

Anonymous said...

You think he can win it? Elected office is for uniters, not dividers. I don’t see it, myself. He’s been a complete a-hole to too many people.

Anonymous said...

Are gambling losses tax deductible? You should check, @4:48

Anonymous said...

Don Horsley best keep an eye out. Just need Horsley to get out of the race for "some" unexpected reason and corrupt Stegink is in! What a coincidence that would be! Be interesting to know if Horsley's office and home is getting any barrage of threatening emails/phone calls and letters!

Anonymous said...


Gambling loss limit modified. For tax years beginning after Dec. 31, 2017 and before Jan. 1, 2026, the limit on wagering losses under Code Sec. 165(d) is modified to provide that all deductions for expenses incurred in carrying out wagering transactions, and not just gambling losses, are limited to the extent of gambling winnings. (Code Sec. 165(d))

Anonymous said...

Dan Stegink's website is a testament to the candidate.

No content, and a half-assed, visibly broken template that states: Coming Tues Mar 20 2018 Kinda missed the boat on that one, Dan-o.

No website, no Facebook page, no online presence, and no visible campaign with barely a month to go before voting starts. If you can't handle these little things, there's no way you can deal with the larger responsibilities of an elected position.

Turn out the lights, this campaign is over.

Anonymous said...

"Coming Tuesday, March 20"

Dim Stupdink's campaign website is still not up. Twelve days late and counting.

Three possibilities:

1) he got in another high speed police pursuit

2) he threatened to kill the wrong person in the parking lot after another city council meeting

3) he's too busy working on his Senate campaign

Anonymous said...

.... or he's too busy hatching another plan with Kaufman and Deirdre to pervert our democracy.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that he's putting all his energy into getting Bridget the mental midget elected to every office she's running for. What an all-star team they make.

Anonymous said...

Everyone will be happy to know that Dim Herpderp's website is LIVE LIVE LIVE!

The homepage features his picture and these "Quick Facts," and you're not gonna believe these amazing facts! They will look familiar to fans of Dan's previous performance piece called Open Space Committee Application.

Quick Facts:
* Father of two sons.
* Computer Programmer: Medical epidemic tracking software
* Pacifica Planning Commissioner
* Certified Rescue Diver
* Ironman Triathlon Competitor Brazil, Arizona
* Multiple Marathon Finisher
* Martial Artist

LOL x 1000

C'mon, Dim! You forgot "Twelve-Time Criminal Charge Recipient, Iowa" and "Six-Time Life Threatener, Pacifica"

Anonymous said...

It's very telling that Stegink measures his qualifications to hold a county supervisor position almost purely in terms of physical accomplishments. He's the kid whose life peaked when he scored a winning touchdown during a meaningless high school football game and will never stop reminding people about it for the rest of his life.

At least he dropped his "growing an online following" shtick and stopped claiming Beach Coalition Events as his own, but all the same...what a complete embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm...that's quite an...interesting? campaign website. No policies or positions or like, ya know, the reasons we should vote for him or even why he's running. Nothing. It's all karate and marathons.

Who would have thought that Bridget Duffy was the smarter of these two, but here we are. What a world.

Anonymous said... Dan Stegink under the impression that county supervisor meetings are held in a dojo? Or that he and Horsley going to enter the Octagon at one of their debates? What the heck is his obsession with listing karate as a qualification for any non-karate related position? He did this with the open space and planning applications. Karate there too! The dude obviously thinks people give a shit that he karate chops boards. LMBO. What a weirdo.

Anonymous said...

Dan, your website is missing the best part. You forgot to mention that like both Sues, you have excellent attendance!

Anonymous said...

Pacifica's BEST!!! Just ask Deirdre and Kaufman.

Al "Touchdown" Bundy said...

WOW I scored 4 touchdowns at Polk High, in the Championship game. Does that mean I can be County Supervisor?

Anonymous said...

Stegink's opponent is an older gentleman, so maybe Dan's plan is for Horsley to die of laughter? Based on the qualifications Dan lists, it could work!

Markus said...

So what are Stegink's qualifications to have gained seat on The Planning Commission? I don't see anything on his page. Great accomplishments in marathons, triathlons and martial arts. All require physical and mental discipline. Here's where I have a problem in correlating his school yard bullying and threatening behavior to self discipline, mental or physical. I don't think sociopathic behavior is a discipline.

Anonymous said...

His qualifications are that he worked with Keener in opposing the libray bond and he worked with Martin to disqualify Nihart from the ballot. The appointment was the reward. He literally has no real life experience that would lend itself to a planning commission seat. It’s as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

We have too many psychopaths in government already. The Trumpster is trying to set the world on fire to appease Sean Hannity and Anne Coulter. We don't need a defective nut job like Stegink fucking up our bay area government to appease the Kaufman/Deirdre cult.
Turn off your TV's, register to vote and protect what little self respect Pacifica has left.

Anonymous said...

I bring you good news and bad news.

First the bad news:

Bridget "THC" Duffy will not be on the ballot as she failed to qualify as a candidate for:
* governor
* superintendent of public instruction
* united states senator
* us representative for the 14th district
* member, board of supervisors for the 3rd district

Now, the good news:

Bridget "THC" Duffy WILL be on the ballot for:
*state assembly for the 22nd district

Anonymous said...

I hope she still has her sights set on Pacifica City Council. She couldn't be any worse than the illegitimate commie idiot majority shitting all over our town now.

Anonymous said...

Bridget is actually very intelligent,but too much marijuana affects her reasoning.She believes she is as capable as Kevin Mullin or Jackie Speier,both highly accomplished people.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a little more complicated than a marijuana problem.
Bridgette is actually a good hearted and sincere person with a great sense of humor. Unfortunately she has some wiring problems in her head.
As wacky as she appears, she is definitely no where near as sinister and dishonest as Deirdre Martian and her mentor Cynthia Kaufman. These two are the very dangerous, manipulative megaphones for the "Enemies of Pacifica" in the tradition of Jim Vreeland.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Bridget is a kind-hearted soul and means well, but on the other hand, she filed to run for six different positions, so yeah, let’s just call her a “dreamer” and leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

Bridget did get exposure in last council election and performed at Pacifica Dem candidate forum,and even achieved significant vote numbers in election.Persistence is a strength!

Anonymous said...

LMAO. The Very Stable Genius only managed an embarrassing 4000 votes from San Mateo County 3rd District's 97,000 registered voters.

To put it in a way that a black belt in karate might understand, 96% of registered voters didn't vote for Dan "like both Sues I have great attendance" Stegink.


Truth 2 Powah! said...

They're really having themselves a nice whine and cheese Pity Party over on Next Door, talking about how great Dan is and how he was totally qualified to become a county supervisor because he once gave a bagel to someone on the beach and showed someone how to turn off a sprinkler.

Dan would have totally won if it weren't for the mean ol' victims of his harassment being jerks and talking about it in public!

There are a number of "I don't care, I'm going to vote for him anyway, ha-ha" and "if Dan is making people mad, it's a good thing" responses to those brave enough to share their stories about being harassed by Dan. I'm not kidding. These so-called "progressives" think that it's a good thing people are upset about being harassed. They have literally posted in public that not only is it a "good thing" for Dan to behave like a complete ass who is unable to control himself and is harassing people on a community forum, it makes them want to vote for him! Holy cow.

Interestingly, instead of even acknowledging the effects of this harassment, the Stegink Admiration Society launches into victim blaming and tries to look up info on them in order to smear them with it. Just the exact sort of thing that good ol' Dan does! What a total and absolute coincidence that his supporters also engage in the same type of online behavior.

As an aside, if you find yourself posting more than 10 times in any one thread on Next Door, you really need to examine where things have gone wrong in your life.

Anonymous said...

To put it the same way, incumbent Don Horsley only managed an embarrassing 12,000 votes. If there are 97,000 registered voters who could have voted, that means 88% of registered voters did not vote for Horsley. A huge majority, 83% of voters, didn't vote for either candidate. SAD!

The Ghost of Dan Stegink's Career said...

Let's really give this the "Dan Stegink" treatment.

For those of you who are unaware of Dan's posting style (because he deleted all his Next Door posts and took down his website mere days prior to running), here's the way Dan would typically "report" on news:


*(Of the 215,745 people who live in the 3rd District, only 4,000 cast a vote for Dan Stegink)

Anonymous said...


*(Of the 215,745 people who live in the 3rd District, only 12,000 cast a vote for Don Horsley)

Anonymous said...

Someone should invent a Stegink app ("STINKe") that converts normal headlines into stuff Dan would post.


Anonymous said...

The number of registered voters and total population of the district are irrelevant. Horsley got 75% of the vote and Stegink got 25%. Horsley is re-elected by a 3-to-1 margin. And an unknown first-time candidate with basically no campaign to speak of ran against an incumbent and got 25% of the vote.

Steve Sinai said...

In a two-person race, 25% is pretty much the baseline for any candidate. In elections where a 60%-40% result is considered a blowout, 25% is hardly anything to be patting yourself on the back about.

Anonymous said...


*loses election by 50 points*

“I did really great!”

Sure. Sure ya did. Really knocked it out of the park.

Anonymous said...

And an unknown first-time candidate with basically no campaign to speak of ran against an incumbent and got 25% of the vote.

Doesn’t it concern you that this was how Stegink chose to run his campaign and that how he ran it might be an indication of his ability to tackle complex problems in an organized and effective way?

Anonymous said...

Park Pacifica voted Horsley over stegink 6-1. Tells me Horsley a winner, and stegink a garden variety impulse, vanity candidate.. Look at Mullin and speier opponents--all pulled 23%. My dog woulda pulled 23%. Stegink ran a campaign with no money because he couldn't raise any money. Not one endorsement on his website, by anyone!

Anonymous said...

8:28 makes a good point.

Getting elected requires you to connect with people and establish a network of contacts. You will need volunteers willing to work on your behalf. And you will need money.

Stegink couldn’t come up with any of that and despite his best efforts ended up nothing more than a statistical blip in the final results.

The bottom line is that if you want to become a community leader, you’ll first need to run a successful campaign leveraging support from that same community and Stegink failed miserably at this. He’s no leader.

Truth 2 Power said...

Dan finally met a board even he couldn't karate chop and that board is called "elective office."

Didn't Stegink complain to the school district because the Cabrillo PTO failed to acknowledge his brilliance? They wouldn't elect him either. They must not have known about his karate at the time. Funny how the only position he can get is an appointed one, as a reward for the dirty tricks he did on behalf of Martin and Keener. When it comes to actually getting the public to support Dan, welp it's a whoooole other ballgame.

Between now and his next campaign, maybe Dan can run a couple more marathons in order to beef up his resume.

Anonymous said...

Stegink's own neighborhood (precinct 3530) went for Horsley 5-1.

*sad trombone*

Meet Me At Nick's said...

It took a while, but the chickens have come home to roost and Dan's reputation as a wack-job is now common knowledge. You can't be a complete A-hole to people over and over, time after time, and expect them to not talk about it with their neighbors or forget about it. And it all adds up.

He won't be getting any endorsements. Ever. He's too toxic. The gadfly stink is all over him. In fact, it will be interesting to see if his behavior begins to negatively affect his career in the medical information field. Companies are less inclined than ever to put up with someone who acts like a total shit in his or her private life.

Wait and watch: the city council will flip in November and Stegink will be removed from the planning commission in short order. Meet me at Nick's when that happens, because I'm buying and drinks are on me.

Anonymous said...

This Stegink guy has sure got your panties in a twist.

Anonymous said...

Dan is demanding a recount!

Anonymous said...

twist we are not. Crowing! and piling it on, a standard martial arts practice. Stegink got whooped and we gotta make sure he knows it.. wanna see him tap out...

Anonymous said...

This Stegink guy has sure got your panties in a twist.

People posting about this Stegink guy has sure got your panties in a twist.