Thursday, June 11, 2015

Open Space/Parkland Advisory annual report to city council

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 6/9/15. "Trail work underway by city's Open Space and Parkland Advisory Committee."

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Move the trail and nurture
colonies of frogs and snakes, huh?
"The members of Pacifica's Open Space and Parkland Advisory Committee delivered their annual report to City Council Thursday (6/4/15).  ....

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Sure, the City can count on us.
We "prescreen" developers.
....  In the Rockaway Quarry, the committee conceptually proposed a visitors center and classrooms on the north end in addition to an expansion of the Rockaway shopping and business area. The proposal would also expand recreational opportunities in the Quarry and improve restoration of habitat for the endangered California red-legged frog and San Francisco garter snake. The proposal calls for the walking trail to be moved to allow for better habitat restoration. The committee also hopes to see shuttle service here to provide transportation for visitors.  

..... The committee will also serve the public as a pre-screening source of information to builders who seek to develop on an area in Pacifica that may be environmentally sensitive, on a voluntary basis. "We'll provide that option to them" said Mayor Karen Ervin."   Read article.

Reference, City website -  Open Space and Parkland Advisory Committee. "The Open Space and Parkland Advisory Committee has been established to consider issues related to natural areas that are proposed to be dedicated to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA), lands that are proposed to be dedicated open space, parklands that are under the jurisdiction of the GGNRA and areas operated by the San Mateo County Parks Department. The primary objectives of the committee are to make recommendations to the City Council on 1) the policy and procedures of the National Park Service as they relate to areas of the GGNRA within the City of Pacifica and adjacent communities, 2) issues surrounding the transfer of ownership of Cattle Hill and the Pedro Point Headlands to the NPS, 3) access and operation of the San Mateo County Parks in the City of Pacifica including San Pedro Valley County Park and the Devil's Slide Trail County Park, and 4) ways in which these areas can contribute to the economy of the City." 

Note photographs: Trail through quarry by Camden Swita, Pacifica Patch, 3/6/11. "Developer (Barry Swenson Builder) makes offer to buy Pacifica Quarry."  Proposed quarry development 2006 (Peebles Corporation developer) sign image from Rockaway Quarry Organization.  Definition:, "prescreen". 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Note photographs: Trail through quarry by Camden Swita, Pacifica Patch, 3/6/11. "Developer (Barry Swenson Builder) makes offer to buy Pacifica Quarry

A very smart local man went down to Swenson's office and talked him out of buying the quarry. This guy should run the city being he is the most smartest and cleverest man in town!!

Anonymous said...

658 Thanks for keeping the legend alive.

Anonymous said...

click on the Open Space/Parkland Advisory Committee to see who's on.
Lancelle is there along with all of her "City Killer" buddies.
These are the experts who think they are the smartest people in the room and have thoroughly destroyed Pacifica.

Kathy Meeh said...

1235, but maybe "smart" really means evil, with no regard for the balanced interest of this City and the people who live here. You know, the real "community" about 38,000 of us.
Who knows with commercial, retail or mixed-use development in the Quarry maybe you'll get get a job there. Limited driving too; and limited concerns about clogging-up our Highway 1 with your automobile or bicycle. (Plus the coastal region uses this same highway, and endures the congestion we do.)

Anonymous said...

Evil? Kathy, are you getting enough sunlight?

Kathy Meeh said...

123, yep "evil", perfectly described. And by "sunlight", you may be referring to civic accountability, such as with the Sunlight Foundation.
To fix this City, we need to observe and remember what isn't working, while at the same time moving forward.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I love the Sunlight Foundation, but, no, I never talk about government transparency or accountability in Pacifica, even metaphorically, lest I be hit by lightening.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Meeh said...

214, 123 do you even know what you were talking about? "Sunlight" was your word-- just an ineffective jab on your part, without further description (with either 123 or 214 comments). You're Anonymous, who knows what you think or represent-- and who cares, you sure didn't define anything of intelligence. Hence, I further defined your word "sunlight".

BTW, decades of plotting to turn this City into a park with an unincorporated town annex, with a congested highway is "evil" manifest to both the City and citizens, simply understood. And to describe that, "sunlight" is needed.

The Local Libertarian said...


Why do you want Pacifica "fixed"? What is your motivation behind fixing Pacifica instead of finding another city that works for you?

The NIMBIES get their funding from bleeding heart save_the_earthers . So they have a real reason to keep their agenda going. What about you?

Curious minds want to know.

Kathy Meeh said...

324, in "Local Libertarian" language, we all pay for city infrastructure neglect, omissions, and mistakes. Example, this FY year 2015-16 there is no City money to pay for paving our roads (road maintenance).

Years of goofy eco-ideology interference with what should be a productive balanced City has led to decades of the City faking it. Faking it has resulted in inadequate City staffing, traceable money problems (Budget), lawsuits (WWTP), ongoing misdirection (avoidance of "best practices" planning, followed by diminished projects such as Harmony@1).

Do NIMBIES even care if a City exists? Take a poll, but many express they do not.

The broader NIMBY "financially self-enriching agenda" (you seem to refer to), such as Pacifica's Environmental Family is mixed. On one hand, their Beach Coalition organization promotes and supports clean beaches and certain city areas; on the other hand, their Scenic Coast legal organization sues the City/State and now the Federal Government against our City/County/State Caltrans studied and funded two (2) traffic intersections highway 1 widening.

Anonymous said...

What authority does open space committee have to plan quarry land for an economic use without a public hearing? What background do any of the committee members have to plan for sustainable economic activity when arguably their only past behavior has been to say NO and delay, find objection and toss put unworkable day dreams funded by someone else's money. Any evidence the property owner thinks this is ok? We have an econ development committee, a planning commission and a council. We really need to add a fourth layer of red tape? Voluntarily submit plans to this gang? How about NO...

Blazing Saddles said...


Badges, We don't need no stinking badges!!

Sharon said...

From the article: "At Mori Point, the committee is working on reviewing trail access points with GGNRA and continuing to work with GGNA on all issues. They are investigating a potential "loop trail" that would provide easy to hard hiking workouts" I would love to know what all issues are. No one from this committee has ever been in contact with the neighbors to ask how we like having a stinkin toilet and filthy trash can full of dog poop in the neighborhood or hundreds of cars and even huge buses clogging up the area or picking up visitors trash regularly and then there's the smash and dash incidents. It's great walking out and finding broken car window glass all over the sidewalk. The GGNRA needs to step up and put in a real parking lot and real toilet facilities.