Friday, September 10, 2010

League of California Cities Releases Manager Compensation Survey

In the spirit of greater transparency and accountability, today the League of California Cities has released the results of a voluntary survey that details the compensation of city and town managers across the state. Ninety percent of California's city and town managers responded to the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) survey by reporting the amount of compensation that appeared in "Box 5" of the Federal W-2 form for Calendar Year 2009. This method allowed for quick results and accounted for many benefits (e.g., car allowance, deferred compensation, payouts of unused leave, life insurance greater than $50,000, etc.).
You can find the results of the survey here.

League Executive Director Chris McKenzie noted the following in regard to survey's completion:

"Sunshine is the best antiseptic, and the League is working to ensure maximum transparency of compensation information to provide residents with the tools they need to ensure continued accountability at the local level. Within days of the revelations of the excessive and unreasonable salaries paid to the former city manager of Bell and others, the League's City Managers' Department responded immediately by conducting a manager compensation survey in partnership with the International City/County Management Association. The City Managers' Department also began to develop guidelines for city councils in setting the compensation levels for appointed city managers that are expected to be released shortly after review and approval by the League's board of directors."

While the League is doing its part through the release of this survey, many city officials have already kick-started efforts to increase transparency by posting compensation figures on the web. The top salary reported in the results was $438,000 from Beverly Hills. For more about the survey, see here.


Steve Rhodes is on the low end of our county for City Managers and he just took another significant pay cut.

Submitted by Mary Ann Nihart



Anonymous said...

You should check out how Jerry Brown is milking the system. Disgusting abuse of taxpayers dollar and he wants to be Governor of our State. Forget bout it.

Lionel Emde said...

This coming Pacifica city council agenda contains an item (#7) that details a mandatory release of all payroll and compensation data by the state controller, John Chiang.

It won't be "voluntary", it'll be a requirement that municipalities relase the data to the state, which is setting up a Web site in November on which you'll be able to access it.

State and local government fought media organizations for years in the courts to prevent the release of this data. They lost, and now with the Bell, CA, scandal, Mr. Chiang is doing the right thing and ending the secrecy once and for all.